How to Roast Green Chiles

Bowl of Anaheim Chiles

Roasting my own green chiles is so easy I don’t know why I didn’t start doing it sooner. Every year during Hatch chile season, I love the smell of roasting peppers as I enter the grocery stores that roast them on-site. They really do smell amazingly good! Roasting them in the oven was almost just as good. I used Anaheim chile peppers, which are usually pretty mild in heat level. […]

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What I Buy at Natural Grocers

Shopping List Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers is one of my favorite specialty markets to shop for real food grocery staples. It certainly isn’t the only place I shop for groceries, but the great prices and quality of products keep me coming back. All of their products have also been rigorously screened before being approved and placed on their shelves. […]

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How to Freeze Bell Peppers

If you’re like me, who tends to go overboard in the produce department, then you have probably found yourself throwing out veggies that have gone bad. Even though I do a lot of cooking, I do find myself occasionally throwing stuff out. I really hate throwing away food and money, so I’ve been trying to do better about my food waste. One thing I’ve started to do is freezing my bell peppers when it looks like I’m not going to get to them soon enough. […]

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Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips : Reading Ingredient Labels

Pickles Ingredients

Recently, my husband and I were at Kroger getting a few groceries for the weekend. My plan was to make homemade hamburgers for dinner that night. I knew we were out of pickles, so I headed over to that aisle to see what I could find. I picked up a jar of Mt. Olive pickles, which is a brand that I used to buy. Back then, I didn’t really even think to read the label. Not that I would’ve known what some of the ingredients were or why they are bad. […]

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Domestic Chic Cookbook Review and a Giveaway! (Ended)

Domestic Chic Cookbook

Hey guys! Today, I am reviewing a cookbook I recently received. It’s called Domestic Chic, A Fashionably Fabulous Guide for Cooking and Entertaining. The cookbook author is Celebrity Chef, Kristin Sollenne. She’s a certified nutritionist, and the focus of the cookbook is flavorful and healthy dishes that are based on seasonal produce. […]

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Vegetable Stock Recipe from Kitchen Scraps

Vegetable Stock from Kitchen Scraps

Making vegetable stock from my kitchen scraps isn’t something that I’d ever thought about doing until just recently. A few weeks ago I checked the Cowgirl Chef cookbook out of the library, and there was a recipe for making your own vegetable stock from kitchen scraps. I go through a lot of onions, carrots and celery every month, and all this time I’ve been throwing out my scraps because I thought they were useless. […]

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Hutchins Barbecue

Hutchins BBQ

This past Tuesday, my parents came up to take us out for a belated birthday dinner for my husband. He LOVES barbecue, and there was a place that my mom had been wanting to try here called Hutchins BBQ. Texas Monthly magazine rated this place as one of The Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas! […]

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The Family Table

The Family Table Rockwall

This past Saturday evening, we met my parents over in Rockwall (a Dallas suburb) for dinner. We meet them over there quite often and usually end up at the same places over and over again. This time, my mom suggested trying a new restaurant she saw that had just opened in the downtown area called The Family Table. […]

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Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review & Giveaway! (Closed)

Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil

I recently received a jar of Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil to try and today, I’d like to share a review of their product. I’ve been using coconut oil in my cooking for over a year now and absolutely love it! I’ve also used it as skin moisturizer and lip balm. Sometimes, I even eat it straight off of a spoon! […]

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Organic Seasoning Gift Box Review

Redmond Organic Seasoning Gift Box

I’ve used their Real Salt in my cooking for the last year or so and absolutely love it. I recently wrote about it on my Pantry Staples post. post. It tastes better than regular table salt and I like knowing that it doesn’t contain any funky ingredients. It’s just unrefined salt with natural minerals. Today, I wanted to share a review on the items in their Organic Seasoning Gift Box. […]

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