There’s A Frog In My Pancake!

This morning I made some whole wheat pancakes for breakfast. I had just a tiny bit of batter left in my mixing bowl – not enough to make a full size pancake. Instead of wasting it, I just scraped it out onto my pan letting it form whatever shape it wanted to.

When I flipped […]

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Frozen Green Peas Recall

As we were checking out at Kroger last night, the self-check speaker said that there was an important message on our receipt. When we got to the car, I looked at it, and it said that the Kroger brand of green peas had been recalled.

The Pictsweet Company issued a voluntary recall on […]

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The Incredible White Egg Yolk??

While making tuna salad for lunch today, I was surprised to find a white yolk when I cut into a hard-boiled egg. I’m not talking about a really pale yellow yolk, this was as white as the rest of the egg.

Up until now I had never seen or heard of a white […]

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