Hutchins Barbecue

Hutchins BBQ

This past Tuesday, my parents came up to take us out for a belated birthday dinner for my husband. He LOVES barbecue, and there was a place that my mom had been wanting to try here called Hutchins BBQ. Texas Monthly magazine rated this place as one of The Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas! […]

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The Family Table

The Family Table Rockwall

This past Saturday evening, we met my parents over in Rockwall (a Dallas suburb) for dinner. We meet them over there quite often and usually end up at the same places over and over again. This time, my mom suggested trying a new restaurant she saw that had just opened in the downtown area called The Family Table. […]

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Dinner at Zanata

zanata restaurant

This past Saturday we had dinner with my parents at a new (to us) restaurant called Zanata. This locally owned restaurant is located in downtown Rockwall, a suburb of Dallas. There’s also a location in Plano now that opened in July of last year. A short description of their menu and restaurant from their website: […]

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American Girl Boutique and Bistro

american girl store

I mentioned in one of my last posts that I would be going to an event at the American Girl store in Dallas with my sister and 8 year old niece. My niece’s birthday is on March 16th, so this trip was my sister’s birthday gift to her. My sister drove to my house last Sunday, and we headed over to the Galleria Mall. I had never been to American Girl before, but I had seen it on Jon & Kate + 8 a few years ago, when they took their twins to the one in […]

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A Taste of San Francisco – Taylor Street Coffee Shop

The Taylor Street Coffee House is a must do breakfast spot while in San Francisco. I am a repeat customer and I enjoy the tiny gem every time I am in town. This cozy little coffee house is on the edge of transitional streets, but remains securely located across the street from the downtown Hilton. The Hilton not only provides a steady flow of business, it also provides a landmark for the Taylor Street eatery. […]

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A Taste of San Francisco – Zuni Cafe

My good friend, Bobbye, took a trip to San Francisco last week. Before she left, she asked me where I would eat in San Francisco, if I could choose anywhere. My first thought was the Zuni Cafe. I have seen Giada tweet (more than once) about how she always tries to go there when she is in San Francisco, so I knew it had to be good. […]

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