DIY Project: Hutch Makeover

Hutch Completed

Recently, my mom asked if I would like to have a hutch that she was planning on getting rid of. It’s a two piece hutch with a table as its base. I told her that I would take both pieces, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use both pieces or just the table for the time being. I wanted to have the top just in case I changed […]

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My Organized Kitchen

I have to confess that I am a little bit of a neat freak. I like for things to be nice and organized. Especially in my kitchen. Having a small kitchen like we do means you have to maximize the space that you have.

Why is it so good to be organized in the kitchen? […]

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Laundry Sorter

Tired of having big laundry hampers all over my bedroom and bathroom, I began my search for a better solution. My laundry room (more like laundry closet) is tiny. The joys of apartment life!

I also wanted to be able to have a laundry hamper where we could place and sort our laundry as we […]

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How To Make A Bow

When I first started to learn how to make bows, I bought one of those plastic bow making things from Wal-Mart. It didn’t improve my bow making skills whatsoever. I finally found a book with good pictures and with practice, I was able to make decent looking bows. It really isn’t all that hard to do. I prefer using ribbon with […]

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That’s A Wrap!

Presents always seem nicer when they come beautifully wrapped. The fact that the giver has taken the time and care to wrap a gift neatly makes the receiver feel more special. That being said, if you do not know how to properly wrap a gift you have two options. […]

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Cleaning With Vinegar

Last year, I switched from cleaning my laminate kitchen counter tops with Clorox disinfecting wipes to using white distilled vinegar. I take a paper towel soaked in undiluted distilled white vinegar, and wipe down all of my counters. Then I will usually let them air dry. If I need the counter right away, […]

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My New Favorite Fiestaware Color

Fiestaware came out with a new fabulous color this past summer. It is appropiately named Paprika. They nailed the color of this spice perfectly. I have a lot of Fiestaware pieces in many colors, all of which I love, but the Paprika has become my new […]

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