The Making of Gone With The Wind Exhibit

Gone With The Wind

As some of you may know, I am a HUGE Gone With The Wind fan. I can pretty much quote the movie word for word. Seriously. About four years ago, I found out that the Harry Ransom Center in Austin was raising money to help restore some of the costumes from Gone with the Wind. They were planning to debut the restored costumes at an exhibit […]

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ZOOMA Texas Race-cation Ideas

ZOOMA Race-cation Ideas

The ZOOMA Texas race is quickly approaching. I can’t believe that it is just a little over two weeks away! By the way, you can still register for the race before the price increases on March 29th. Be sure to use the discount code: TXAMB10 to save 10%! […]

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Oak Point Park and Caffe Promenade

Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

Hey, guys! I hope that you all had a good weekend! We had THE best weather on Saturday and most of Sunday. Since the weather was so awesome, we decided to take advantage of it and went to a local Nature Preserve to get a little walking in on Saturday. […]

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My Favorite Christmas Activities in DFW!

Favorite Christmas Activities in DFW

The DFW area is such a fun place to be at Christmastime. I thought I’d share of my favorite places to go and things to do during this time of year. I hope to continue to add to my list of favorite this year by doing something new to my list. Hopefully, once we get rid of all this ice we will be able to get out and do have some fun! […]

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50 Years Later: Remembering JFK

JFK Dallas Motorcade

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. My husband and I recently watched the movie “Parkland”, which gives a new perspective from the medical staff at Parkland Hospital and highlights the famous film footage taken by Abraham Zapruder in Dealey Plaza that day. We’ve also been watching several of the JFK documentaries that have been coming on TV this month. I have learned so many things about what happened […]

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Greek Food Festival of Dallas

Greek Food Festival

We woke up to beautiful weather this past Sunday, which was a nice surprise because rain had been forecasted for the whole weekend. We decided to take advantage of the slightly cooler temps and gorgeous day and headed down to Dallas to check out the Greek Food Festival. It’s been something that I’ve wanted to attend for a couple of years, but we just never had managed to make it until this year. […]

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Hutchins Barbecue

Hutchins BBQ

This past Tuesday, my parents came up to take us out for a belated birthday dinner for my husband. He LOVES barbecue, and there was a place that my mom had been wanting to try here called Hutchins BBQ. Texas Monthly magazine rated this place as one of The Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas! […]

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The Chihuly Exhibit

This past Sunday, we went to the Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum. It was my mom’s birthday, and she had been wanting to go to the Chihuly exhibit ever since it first came to the Arboretum back in May. The original end date was in the first part of November, and we never did get around to going. Fortunately, due to popular demand, they decided to extend the exhibit through the end of December. Yay! […]

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The Harbor at Rockwall

Happy Monday! It is a gorgeous day in DFW today! So beautiful that we just had to get out and enjoy it. I am currently sitting outside on patio at Starbucks. Temps are in the low 80’s and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Totally awesome after the ninety degree temps from last week, and the nasty rainy weather we had for a large part of the weekend. […]

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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

It’s amazing how you can live within twenty minutes of something and not even know about it. Two weeks ago, while out running some errands, my husband and I decided to pick up some sandwiches for a late lunch and take them to a park to eat them. He did a quick Google search on his phone to see what parks might be nearby, and that’s when we discovered this little […]

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