Enell Sports Bra Review

Any woman that is a C-cup or larger can tell you that jogging can be a little um, uncomfortable when you don’t have a really good sports bra.

Why is it important to have a good sports bra?

A. It reduces damaging breast bounce (like sagging- not good).

B. Your workout will be a lot more enjoyable, and comfortable when you aren’t bouncing around all over the place ( let’s leave that to the Baywatch gals).

I’ve always enjoyed running, but before I got this Enell sports bra, it was always a slightly uncomfortable. I even tried wearing two sports bras. It helped but it wasn’t perfect. I wanted something that would eliminate ANY bounce.

I think the first time I heard about the Enell sports bra was on the Oprah show. She was raving about it, saying that “Once you get yourself hooked into this thing, believe me they’re not going anywhere. ”

If you’ve ever watched the show Biggest Loser, you might recognize that this sports bra has been worn by the female contestants on the show.

I ordered two of the Enell sports bras through the website HerRoom.com, but you can also order directly from Enell.

Can I just say WOW! No bounce. At all. I mean NONE. Zero, zip, zilch.

I also like the fact that it hooks in the front, instead of having to pull it over my head. It makes it easier to remove when you are all hot and sweaty from your workout.

At $64 bucks a piece, these aren’t exactly cheap. They are however worth the cost. Especially, if you are a bigger busted woman who does high-impact exercises.

Do you know of another really great sports bra besides this one?

*Note: I am not affiliated with Enell or HerRoom. I am just a happy “bounce free” customer who likes to share a great product when I find one.*

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