A Taste of San Francisco – Taylor Street Coffee Shop

This is part two of a guest post series on San Francisco eateries. In case you missed the first one, here is the review of the Zuni Cafe from my friend Bobbye and her sister Paula. Bobbye was kind enough to offer to write some additional reviews of the restaurants she dined at while on a recent trip to San Francisco. I am thrilled to have her guest posts, and I know you will enjoy them too!

The Taylor Street Coffee Shop is a must do breakfast spot while in San Francisco. I am a repeat customer and I enjoy the tiny gem every time I am in town. This cozy little coffee house is on the edge of transitional streets, but remains securely located across the street from the downtown Hilton. The Hilton not only provides a steady flow of business, it also provides a landmark for the Taylor Street eatery.

The small space offers a delightful dining experience. . The early morning bustle of the coffee house routine hums flawlessly to the march of a great city waking up.

Despite limited seating the line moves quickly and you can enjoy watching the chefs prepare breakfast in the open kitchen while you wait.

Large world maps on the hallway wall provide an interesting visual treat as they proudly sport pushpin representation of all the gratified visitors from all over the world.

Cozy, clean efficiency caters and cares for happy customers. The seating arrangements are reminiscent of large family style closeness.

The food is absolutely delicious with generous portions. A close-knit crew prepares and serves up most any traditional American breakfast choice. My favorite is the California omelet with fresh spinach, tomatoes and cheese served with fresh squeezed orange juice and a great cup of coffee. I shamelessly drank four cups of Joe. Their signature hash browns are crispy on the outside with a nice layer of hot, flakey potato on the inside and the apple sausage is outstanding.

Pancakes with berries are another great choice. Their pancakes are light, thin and filling but not overwhelming. The Hollandaise Hash is amazingly flavorful. The Sailor Hash is equally tempting with bell peppers, tomatoes and onion cooked in the hash browns and topped with eggs and a fresh fillet of smoked salmon. The variety of selection is sure to please any palette.

The well-prepared menu choices are as tasty as they are beautiful. Fresh ingredients coupled with intimate preparation and pleasant, personal service make Taylor Street Coffee House a clear standout breakfast and brunch choice in downtown San Francisco.


Bobbye is an art teacher by day, but in her “spare” time, she and her husband operate an art studio and breeding/boarding kennel. They have a quaint farm in East Texas, where they breed superior Olde English Bulldogges. These puppies have the best care possible, from the time of conception, to the time they go off to new loving homes. You would be hard pressed to find more reputable and conscientious breeders than Bobbye and her husband, Dave. To find out more about their dogs, head over to Insightout Studio and Kennel.

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