My Pantry Staples

There are certain items that I keep in my pantry at all times. With these items, I can throw together a quick lunch or a late night dinner whenever I need to. I also included my favorite brands of some of these staples.

Canned Goods

Beans: cannellini, black, garbanzo, navy, pinto

Tomatoes: diced (14.5 oz. ), crushed ( 14.5 oz. and 28 oz.), whole ( 28 oz.), tomato sauce ( 8 oz.), Rotel

Tuna: solid light in olive oil (Starkist brand), Skipjack  tuna ( Whole Foods brand)

Salmon: Pink salmon, boneless & skinless pink salmon (in pouches)

Chicken: Valley Fresh brand of 100% natural chicken breast ( 10 oz.)

Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce  (San Marcos brand is my favorite)

Green chile peppers (diced)

Chicken, beef, and vegetable stock ( Kitchen Basics brand – 32 oz. cartons)

Extra virgin olive oil

Red wine vinegar

Balsamic vinegar

Spices: Cumin, chili powder, dried oregano, dill weed, crushed red pepper flakes, Creole seasoning, Old Bay seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash ( original and garlic & herb), etc.

Whole-wheat flour and whole-wheat pastry flour  ( I store mine in the refrigerator)

Stone ground corn meal ( I store this in the fridge too)

Baking powder, baking soda, cocoa powder

Franks Red Hot sauce

Sriracha sauce

Marinara sauce  ( Delallo or Classico brand)

Tabasco brand Chipotle sauce

Pasta: Barilla Plus, Barilla whole-grain, Delallo whole-wheat – variety of shapes

Brown rice




Dried beans: northern, pinto, red, lentils

Sandwich wraps



Kalamata olives

Peperoncini peppers ( Mezzetta brand)

Reduced-fat mayo

Mustard: regular, dijon, spicy brown, honey

Dill pickles (Claussen brand)


Cheese: packaged shredded cheese ( 2 % Mozzarella & Mexican),  Parmigiano Reggiano, reduced-fat feta

Greek yogurt:  plain non-fat

Skim milk


Lemons and limes







Chopped brocoli

Chopped cauliflower

Green bell pepper (chopped)


This is what I keep on hand. What are your pantry staples? Do you have a fully stocked pantry, or are you the person with one can of green beans that expired back in 2009?




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