The Family Table

This past Saturday evening, we met my parents over in Rockwall (a Dallas suburb) for dinner. We meet them over there quite often and usually end up at the same places over and over again. This time, my mom suggested trying a new restaurant she saw that had just opened in the downtown area called The Family Table.

The Family Table Rockwall
Turns out, this place is owned by the same family who had a 50’s style Malt shop that we liked just around the corner. According to their Facebook page, they closed that location in order to “grow and better serve their customers”. The family is super nice, so I was really happy to see that they had a new location with a different concept.

Prior to walking in the door, we weren’t sure exactly what kind of food they served (we obviously assumed home-style food). It turned out to be barbecue, which is my husband’s fave! The menu also includes chicken salad and chicken & waffles.

The Family Table Restaurant
You can buy their brisket, turkey, St. Louis pork ribs or sausage all by the half-pound, but they will cut however much or little you want.

The Family Table Restaurant
The Dining area:

The Family Table Restaurant
I love how that back wall is painted and those big wood chairs! They were some of the most comfortable wooden chairs that I’ve ever sat in.

My plate tray:

The Family Table Restaurant
I went with the sausage and had pinto beans and cole slaw as my sides. The pinto beans are FREE and self-serve right out of big soup kettle.

The sausage was a little spicy, which I absolutely loved! I also liked the coleslaw because it wasn’t drenched in dressing like some places make it. The beans were tender and tasty. You can also get free white bread with your meal. My husband had some of the turkey and brisket, which he liked as well. I tasted some of his brisket and thought it was good also.

I’m not a big barbecue fan (I know! They should revoke my Texan status!), but I’d definitely go back to The Family Table for a meal. Good food. Good service. Plus, it helps support a local family and business!

When you eat out, do you like trying local restaurants, or do you prefer to stick to chain restaurants?

*Edited to add that this restaurant is now closed. A new restaurant is supposed to take over the space.

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