Enjoying the Simple Things of Life

I don’t know if y’all have seen this video or not, but I thought I’d share it in case you hadn’t. It’s a super cute video of an adorable toddler named Kayden, who is experiencing rain for the first time.

Kayden + Rain from Nicole Byon on Vimeo.

The look on her face is sheer joy, and that got me to thinking about how we sometimes neglect to just enjoy the simple things in life. We get so wrapped up in material things and everyday life that we forget to just enjoy the simple pleasures. Like seeing a gorgeous sunset at the end of a long day.


Or the beautiful reflection on a still pond.

Reflection on pond

It’s amazing that sometimes it takes seeing the innocence of a little child enjoying the rain to give us as adults a little perspective on life. She didn’t care if she was wearing designer clothes or had the latest tech gadget, she was just enjoying the moment. A lesson that I think we could all take a little something away from.

Enjoy little things quote

When was the last time to stopped to just enjoy the moment?

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6 comments to Enjoying the Simple Things of Life

  • Every time I see deer during a run, I stop to enjoy!

    • Tempie

      I love seeing all of the rabbits and squirrels on the jogging trail here. I also occasionally see a coyote. I always stop when I see him, but it’s more because it startles me to see a coyote in the middle of the city! Lol!

  • I don’t do it enough! Our cold and snowy weather is getting old, but at lunch today I looked across the frozen lake and trees heavy with snow and was struck by how beautiful this season is.

    • Tempie

      Yes, I am tired of the winter weather here too. We normally don’t get much snow or ice, but this year we’ve had a good bit for us. It really does make everything look so pretty!

  • Oh gosh, I hope I get the chance to enjoy the moment this weekend! I’m going to go out birding with my husband, and this is a good reminder. I was just thinking to myself, we have so much to do, do we really have time to get out? But you have to enjoy the world that we are in, otherwise what’s the point?

    • Tempie

      Exactly, Mary! Life is way too short to not stop and enjoy some good moments. Hope you have an awesome time out birding with your husband this weekend!

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