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As runners, many of us spend a lot of time out there hitting the streets for our daily runs. We run down sidewalks, through crosswalks and try to be as safe as we can while we are out there. We can do everything right and, sometimes, it still isn’t enough. Sadly, that is just what happened to Meg Menzies on Monday.

I didn’t personally know Meg. The first I’d ever heard of her was when a fellow blogger sent a Facebook invite about a virtual run in her honor. Though I didn’t know her, this story resonates very personally with me as a runner who has spent many hours out there running the roads. I try to be as careful as I can, and I’m overly cautious when I’m out there. I’m sure that Meg did the same.

Unfortunately, she could not anticipate that on her morning run, a drunk driver would come along and run off the side of the roadway and strike her. Meg was not only an avid runner, she was a wife and mother to three small children. I can only imagine the pain that they must be going through right now.

I plan to join thousands of others this coming Saturday for a virtual run in her honor. If you can, please join us in this run. Runners are encouraged to Instagram and tweet running photos using the hashtag #megsmiles.

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3 comments to #megsmiles

  • Thanks for sharing. We’ll run for Meg! #megsmiles

  • Sad, and something that I worry about. A friend’s nephew was killed by a drunk driver last year: https://www.facebook.com/TributeToStephenPerson. The driver was just sentenced to seven years in prison. And my brother-in-law was hit by a drunk driver a month ago: luckily no serious injuries to him, but the car was totaled and another person involved in the accident is still in critical condition. Mores are changing, thankfully, and there is less drunk driving than in the past. But texting is the new hazard and drowsy driving is also a significant hazard. It’s good to keep drawing attention to these problems, I hope you have a good run in her honor today.

    • Tempie

      That is just awful, Mary. I’m glad that your brother-n-law is okay, but it’s so awful that someone else was left in critical condition. It drives me nuts that they don’t have stiffer penalties in DUI cases. They get so many chances and sadly, it takes them killing someone to put them behind bars. I will never understand the whole texting while driving thing. That’s one thing I never do. I think that some people just don’t get that it only takes a split second to change someone else’s life forever.

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