My Meal Plan Week of July 15th

Hope you all had a great weekend! We had a pretty low-key one here. On Friday, I drove my brother to the airport. He is currently in Haiti on a mission trip. This is his third year to go. I’m proud of him for going over there to help, but I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t make me a little nervous.

I had planned to run four miles on Saturday, but those plans got canceled ¬†because of the weather. ūüôĀ The great run that I had on Sunday made up for it. I felt really good, and didn’t have to walk at any point this time. Yay for me! ¬†I spent the majority of Sunday afternoon planning my meals for the week. It worked out incredibly well last week, so I think I’d like to keep doing it. Planning last week’s meals did keep us from having to go to the grocery store as much, and we didn’t get take-out or eat out at all last week. That’s really something for us.

Anyway, here is my plan for this week. We picked up a few items this afternoon so we should be set for the week.


Lunch: Turkey Avocado Sandwiches on Spinach “Bread” ¬†with a side salad

Dinner: Mexican Pizza w/ Cauliflower Crust


Lunch: Chicken Club Salad with Avocado Dressing (modified version)

Dinner:  Sweet Potato and Kale (substituting spinach) Chicken Patties 


Lunch: Paleo Spaghetti 

Dinner: Salmon Sweet Potato Cakes with Cauliflower Rice, green beans


Lunch: Leftover Spaghetti Sauce served over quinoa

Dinner: Leftovers from Tuesday night


Lunch: Green Eggs and Turkey Sandwiches on Spinach “Bread”

Dinner: Turkey Patties with steamed brocoli


Lunch: Tuna White Bean Salad with  Paleo Spinach Pesto

Dinner: ?


Brunch: Omelets or some kind of Frittata

Dinner: Grain-Free Enchiladas

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