Ozeri Touch II Kitchen Scale

Ozeri Touch II Food Scale

I had been thinking about getting a kitchen scale for a while, so when the kind people at Ozeri offered me the chance to do a product review on the Ozeri Touch II Kitchen Scale, I said absolutely! I’ve had a few weeks to test it out in my kitchen and thought I’d share my thoughts on it with you guys today.

The first thing I immediately liked about this kitchen scale was the sleek design of it. It’s thin, lightweight and stores easily.

Ozeri Touch II Kitchen Scale


• Industry exclusive scale features Microban® antimicrobial product protection that helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.
• Infused into the surface of the scale, Microban® antimicrobial technology provides an added level of protection that won’t wear away for the life of scale.
• Equipped with 4 high-precision sensors that weight up to 11 lbs (0.1 oz to 11 lbs / 1 g to 5 kg).
• Boasts 2 innovative touch sensitive buttons for effortless operation.
• Large high-contrast blue backlit LCD screen provides weights in g, oz, kg, and lbs.

One of my favorite features of this scale is the Precision Tare feature, which calculates the net weight of the ingredients. It automatically subtracts the container weight to calculate the weight of the ingredients being weighed. That’s a really helpful little thing to have when you are cooking or baking!

Ozeri kitchen scale

I read a fantastic article on the New York Times website about how the kitchen scale is a highly valuable tool, which doesn’t get the credit it truly deserves. It’s a great article, which argues the case for how useful a kitchen scale can be better than I probably ever could.

The scale comes with a user manual and a Calorie Guide and U.S. Postal First Class Letter Rate Guide.

Ozeri Touch II Food Scale

I think that the Ozeri Touch II Kitchen Scale is a pretty handy little tool to have in your kitchen. It can reduce the need for using multiple measuring cups and help give you more accurate results in your baking!

Disclaimer: Ozeri provided me with a free kitchen scale, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. The Amazon links above are NOT affiliate links. They are simply links so you can find out more about the product.

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