Cleaning With Vinegar

Last year,  I switched from cleaning my laminate kitchen counter tops with Clorox disinfecting wipes to using white distilled vinegar. I take a paper towel soaked in undiluted distilled white vinegar, and wipe down all of my counters.  Then I will usually let them air dry.  If I need the counter right away, I will go back over them with a clean paper towel.  The high level of acidity in white distilled vinegar kills most bacteria and germs.

This not only saves money, but it leaves my counters all nice and shiny.  The strong smell of vinegar goes away once they are completely dry.

It also makes a great cleanser for stainless steel sinks. I just sprinkle some baking soda around each side of the sink, then scrub it with a paper towel soaked in vinegar. After a quick rinse,  my sink looks like new!

I have  found that vinegar works really well at helping to loosen those darn price stickers that refuse to come off cleanly. You may put a vinegar soaked cloth over the price sticker. Depending on what the product is,  you may be able to pour just enough liquid to cover the sticker. After about thirty minutes or so, the sticker should come off easily.

If you want more uses for vinegar, has all kinds of tips.

I haven’t given up my Clorox disinfecting wipes completely. (Are they not just one of the best inventions ever?) I still prefer using them to clean my bathroom surfaces. But by using them only in the bathroom, I save a lot of money. And saving money is always good thing.

Important Note: Do not use vinegar to clean natural stone counter tops. This will abrade the polish from the stone.

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