That’s A Wrap!

Presents always seem nicer when they come beautifully wrapped. The fact that the giver has taken the time and care to wrap a gift neatly makes the receiver feel more special.

That being said, if you do not know how to properly wrap a gift you have two options.

A. You could have it gift wrapped at the store.

B. You could learn how, and be able to say I wrapped that myself.

If you picked B, then read on and I will show you how to make your gift look perfect.

First. get your supplies. You will need scissors, tape, wrapping paper, and of course the gift.

If you have an item that doesn’t come in a box, then find a box big enough to fit the item in. It will make the process a lot simpler, and the gift will look better too.

*Make sure all price tags have been removed before beginning*

Unroll some paper and place the gift on top. Leave enough space on each end to pull up to cover the ends. Also, make sure that you have enough paper to pull up one side about 2 or 3 inches.

Then pull the other side all the way across the present until you have about an inch beyond the box.

Trim away the extra paper around the box.

Pull up one side about 2 inches and place a piece of tape to hold it in place. This will help you pull the other side in tight.

Then, pull up the other side over and make a crease along the edge that extends past the box.

Fold the crease under.

Line that side up to the edge of the gift and place a few pieces of tape down the edge.

Next up, covering the ends. Fold in the sides.

Then, take the top flap (the flap that is on what would be the bottom of the box) and fold it down.

Next take the other side and fold the edge of the flap down to create a nice looking edge.

Lay down that flap and tape it down using 2 or 3 pieces of tape. Repeat on the other end of the box.

Now you have a box with perfect edges and seams.

Place a bow on top and you are done.

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