Chipotle Lime Tuna Salad Sandwich

As I’ve said before, I really like tuna salad sandwiches, and coming up with different variations of it. This Chipotle Lime Tuna Salad has become our favorite one of all.

It involves three of my favorite things: Chipotle peppers, lime juice, and cilantro. These ingredients transform this old classic into an amazing, flavor-packed tuna salad.

I’ve cut down on some of the fat content by using reduced-fat mayo and substituting some of the mayo with plain non-fat Greek yogurt.

What you will need:

2 (4.5 oz.) cans of solid light tuna in olive oil, 2 tbsp. mayo ( I used reduced-fat), 2 tbsp plain non-fat Greek yogurt, 1 ( 4 oz.) can of diced mild green chile peppers, 2 Chipotles in adobo (finely chopped), plus 2 tbsp of the adobo sauce, 1/3 finely chopped red onion, 1 tsp lime juice, 2 tbsp chopped cilantro, 1/2 tsp ground cumin, 1/4 tsp salt.

You will also need some honey mustard for spreading onto your bread, and four large lettuce leaves (optional).

I had some leftover whole-wheat hamburger buns that needed to be used, but you can choose whatever bread you like to build your sandwiches.

Open and drain the cans of tuna. Place into a bowl, and break up the tuna with a fork.

Finely chop 1/3 cup of red onion, and two chipotle peppers from a can of chipotles in adobo sauce.

Open the can of green chile peppers, and drain some of the liquid out. Add the green chile peppers, red onion, chipotle peppers, plus the two tablespoons of adobo sauce to the bowl.

Add 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt to the bowl.

Next, add 2 tablespoons of mayo, 2 tablespoons of plain non-fat Greek yogurt, and 1 teaspoon of lime juice to the bowl.

Throw in 2 tablespoons of chopped cilantro.

Mix together to combine. Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving to allow flavors to combine.

Toast your bread or bun, and slather honey mustard on each piece.

Place a lettuce leaf onto your bread.

Spread one-fourth of the tuna mixture onto the lettuce leaf.

Finish with the top part of the bun, or another slice of bread.

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