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Good Saturday morning, y’all! Hope you all had a great week! Other than a flat tire, our week was pretty good. Make that a flat tire and a nearly flat donut. Troubles like that make me even more grateful to have my husband! 🙂 I have absolutely no clue how to change a tire. I’m really not sure that I’d want to drive on any tire that I put on a car. I can just picture me driving along, when all of a sudden, there goes my tire rolling down the road ahead of me. Yeah, I think I’ll leave that stuff to my husband and the guys at the tire shop. 🙂

Anyway, I did have a pretty neat opportunity come my way this past week. It’s for a fun giveaway available to my readers here in the Dallas area. Be sure to check back this coming week for all of the details. Have a great weekend guys!

Healthy Living

Interview with Sara Hall (from Skinny Runner)

If you are a runner, you will LOVE this interview- so inspirational!


Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins (Paleo) (from Balanced Bites)

*This is an easy recipe from the new Practical Paleo Cookbook.


Hey Christian Bloggers…Can I Tell You Something? (from Surprised by Life – Brooke McGlothlin)

Tech/Social Media/Blogging

4 Steps to Easily Increase the Reach of Your Facebook Page Posts (from Social Media Today)

Crafts/ DIY

DIY: Autumn Wreath (from Inspirations by D)

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