The Harbor at Rockwall

Happy Monday! It is a gorgeous day in DFW today! So beautiful that we just had to get out and enjoy it. I am currently sitting outside on patio at Starbucks. Temps are in the low 80’s and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Totally awesome after the ninety degree temps from last week, and the nasty rainy weather we had for a large part of the weekend.

It rained all day Saturday, but the sun did come out for a little while late yesterday afternoon. We decided to get out of the house for a little while since we had been cooped up all day on Saturday. One of our favorite places to go get away for a little while is The Harbor at Rockwall. It’s only about a forty minute drive from where we live, but it feels like you actually went somewhere much further because it is such a unique place. Rockwall is a suburb just outside of Dallas.

The Harbor is a great place to go whether it’s just for a stroll along the water, watch the sunset or have dinner.

They have plenty of places for the boats to pull up and dock, and lots of people do come in after a day on the lake to have dinner. How awesome would that be?

A hotel for those wishing to spend the night. We’ve never stayed here, but my brother and his wife have.

They even have a movie theater, so you could really spend an entire evening right down on the water and have an awesome date night. All of the restaurants have patios, so it really makes for a romantic evening. My husband and I like to come down here on our anniversary to have dinner.

There is also a beautiful catamaran called the Seawolf, which sails out of the harbor. They offer daytime, sunset, and moonlit cruises. We didn’t get to see it yesterday, but normally when we are down there, we see it coming back into the harbor at the end of one of their sunset cruises. Watching the sunset here on the harbor is really awesome!

It might not have started out great, but the weekend ended perfectly.

Do you have a neat place near you that you like to go to get away from it all?

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