A Taste of San Francisco – Zuni Cafe

Guest Post by Bobbye & Paula

My good friend, Bobbye, took a trip to San Francisco last week. Before she left, she asked me where I would eat in San Francisco, if I could choose anywhere. My first thought was the Zuni Cafe. I have seen Giada tweet (more than once) about how she always tries to go there when she is in San Francisco, so I knew it had to be good. I had also seen their cookbook at the bookstore, and their recipes sounded delicious. Bobbye’s sister, Paula, was her dinner companion for the evening, and they graciously have written their review of this popular eatery. Take it away ladies….

At the corner of Rose and Market Street in the heart of the San Francisco bustle, The Zuni Café promises, delivers and lingers. Making reservations early is essential. Seating is limited in the intimate dining areas. I made a reservation on Monday and landed a 9:30 p.m. reservation the following Saturday as the earliest available option.

Walking in the pie-shaped building begins a visual feast of industrial design, over abundant windows and sweeping volume. A straight staircase flaring into a cozy loft emphasizes the height of the restaurant ceiling.

White clothed tables angle into intimate spaces across worn and warm wood floors.

The menu offers small but varied choices. Settling into the voices of close tables requires some adjustment. At times, other conversations overpowered our own.

We begin by splitting an oversized Caesar salad wearing just the right amount of dressing. The light, even Caesar dressing made every bite perfect. I ordered a guinea hen leg, a delight of crunchy browned skin stretched over moist succulent meat. A bed of grilled vegetables completed the entrée.

My dinner companion chose the sole and raptured over the lemon infused bites, one after another. Crescent shaped potatoes with crisp edges and creamy centers complemented the fish. Chewy sourdough morsels made of dark whole wheat freshened the table throughout our meal.

With our plates swept clean we lean back to sip another glass of wine and absorbed the scene pressed against our loft view. Directly outside a generous tree with undesigned arms create a tree house ambiance. Behind the spreading tree busy Market Street pulses with weekend energy.

Twin desserts arrive complimenting each other perfectly. Two scoops of soft white ice cream topped with warm, wildflower honey and silky chocolate cake disappear between sips of coffee, dark and robust.

The Zuni Café now a permanent part of our San Francisco landscapes fed all our senses. We left satisfied.

Bobbye is an art teacher by day, but in her “spare” time, she and her husband operate an art studio and breeding/boarding kennel. They have a quaint farm in East Texas, where they breed superior Olde English Bulldogges. These puppies have the best care possible, from the time of conception, to the time they go off to new loving homes. You would be hard pressed to find more reputable and conscientious breeders than Bobbye and her husband, Dave. To find out more about their dogs, head over to Insightout Studio and Kennel.

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