Announcing: How to Start a Food Blog Book

Exciting news! My husband and I have co-written an ebook about how to start a food blog! It’s our first ebook together, and I’m really happy with it. We’ve combined the tips and tricks I’ve learned from the last few years of food blogging with everything you will need to set up your own food blog. Being a food blogger has had some rewarding moments for me, and I’d like to help other people who may want to become one as well. That’s why we wrote our How to Start a Food Blog book.

How to Start a Food Blog

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a food blog for a while but aren’t quite sure how to start. Or perhaps you think you have to be super tech savvy to set up a blog. The truth is you really don’t need to be a computer genius to get started. Our helpful guide will show you how to get things set up and running.

We go over the pros and cons of a hosted vs. self-hosted blog platform.

How to Start a Food Blog

Once you’ve decided on that, we show you how to set up your self-hosted blog. Directions, complete with handy diagrams, make this step super easy. I’m a visual learner, so this is something that my husband and I considered a must for our How to Start Food Blog book.

How to Start a Food Blog

Of course your blog will need a name, so we guide you on how to go about that, too.

As far as the more creative side of food blogging, I have some super handy tips here as well. These are the things that I wish I’d known when I first got started. Helpful information like how to make your own food photography backgrounds for a fraction of what you might pay a professional to make for you. Also, where to source food props on the cheap.

How to Start a Food Blog

Don’t have a fancy digital camera? Not a big problem when you are just getting started out. I have some handy tips and tricks for using your smartphone to take food photos. I also share with you what my favorite camera and photo editing apps are to use.

Yes, a food blog can be a lot of work, but it can also be really fun. Whether you choose this to be a hobby or perhaps a way to make a little money is up to you.  Either way, having an outlet for sharing your recipes with friends, family and the rest of the entire world is a great thing to have!

Click here to learn more about How to Start a Food Blog!

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